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Welcome to Actyl Belize

This page contains all the information you need to will help you prepare for your job application to work in Canada.

Your Resources

Applicant Requirements
Click here to access your mandatory requirements.

Cover Letter
Click here to access a sample Cover Letter that will help support you in completing one for yourself.

Click here to access a sample Resume (C.V.) that will help you complete a proper one for yourself.


Click here to access a slideshow that will give you an overview of Actyl and Canada.

The Interview
  • The following are a list of points to remember for your interview:
  • Know about the job for which you are applying
  • Know about the company for which you are applying
  • These are employment positions, show your passion and excitement!
  • Maintain eye contact with the interviewer
  • Don’t be nervous, the interviewer just wants to get to know you
  • Smile!
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