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Linda West, MBA, PhD.  - President

Linda West is a senior Organizational Development manager with Actyl Group Inc. She offers over 30 years of experience in the healthcare sector and is skilled at developing and delivering human resource strategy and policy.

Linda is an expert performance strategist, with in-depth knowledge of regulatory bodies and legislation related to human resource management. She specializes in interpersonal relations, workforce development, cultural diversity, and employment equity.

Linda’s applied leadership style allows her to work with all the needs of her clients. Her excellent skills in cross-functional team building, quality performance, and long lasting legacies help Linda respond to challenges with undaunted perseverance, confidence, determination, and focus.

Learn more about what Linda can do for you and your company. Contact Actyl Group today; our focus is to help you with business immigration to Canada!

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Adrian Schulz

Adrian Schulz - Co-founder

Adrian Schulz has over 15 years of leadership experience building and managing industry leading companies.

Most recently, Adrian served as Director of Operations at The Kitching Group, a Winnipeg-based company with 16 Subway restaurant franchises, a technology division as well as a real estate development company.

Adrian is an accomplished entrepreneur and corporate manager. His endeavours have all seen notable growth, thanks to his expertise in human resources, information technology and business development in retail, technology and real estate.

Learn more about how Adrian can help you and your company. Contact Actyl Group today; our focus is to help you with business immigration to Canada!

Ralph Watzke B.A. LL.B. - Immigration Lawyer

Ralph Watzke was born in Edmonton Alberta, and was educated at the University of Alberta, where he received a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law(soon become a Juris Doctor).

He was admitted to the Alberta Bar in 1976,and has practised in a wide range of legal areas, including a significant amount of immigration law.

He knows a number of languages, including German, French and the Slavic languages.

He is married, and currently makes his home in Regina(since 2008).

He also has an appointment as instructor at the University of Manitoba, where he teaches a course in Canadian Business Law on-line. He has written on legal matters, including several titles of the legal reference work, Canadian Encyclopedic Digest (Western) published by Carswell.

Ahvesh Pargass - Branch Manager

Ahvesh Pargass graduated from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology with a diploma in Business Administration majoring in Accounting.

In Mauritius, his home land, he obtained his Advanced Level Certificate majoring in Accounting, Economics and Business Studies from the University of Cambridge through the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES) provided at the institution of Dr Regis Chaperon College – Belle Rose, Mauritius. He developed a passion for Accounting while working as an Accounting Clerk at Finpro Associates, a medium size accounting and auditing firm in Mauritius.

Ahvesh is the Branch Manager of the Regina office, where he helps employers with their HR issues by guiding them through the LMO process and also assists Temporary Foreign Worker with work permit and permanent residency application.

Irene Olfert - Accounting Supervisor 

Debra Godin - Recruitment Manager

Riddhi Vyas - Office Assistant