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Sound International Workforce Solutions for Canadian Businesses

As Baby Boomers across the country and worldwide are beginning to retire, options for hiring locally are diminishing. It’s estimated that millions of additional workers will need to be hired in Canada within the next decade to sustain our economic growth. If your organization has been searching high and low for local employees with no results, it may be time to expand your options to search both nationwide and globally. Actyl Group is a widely respected recruitment agency that works closely with you and our national and international recruiters to find perfectly matched, skilled workers.

Whether you’re looking for professionals, skilled or semi-skilled workers, Actyl can help you find employees with the set of skills you’re seeking. Our experienced consultants meet with you to assess your company’s background and make sure we understand exactly what qualities are important to you in a future employee — as well as the most important job factors. Then, we begin our international search for your ideal worker.

In addition to Canada, Actyl recruits from many different countries, including:

  • Visa-free countries such as Croatia and the Czech Republic
  • Philippines
  • Jamaica
  • Mexico
  • UK / Ireland

International Recruitment Process

At Actyl, we can help you recruit and complete all of the necessary documentation for most countries. The process for recruiting international skilled workers may seem overwhelming, but our professionals are here to walk you through it.

The recruitment process begins with online advertisements and progresses to pre-screening and final interviews. Once you have selected the ideal employee, Actyl will work to receive police, medical and embassy clearances, along with any other necessary documentation. Our representatives can help you with the following aspects of the recruitment process:

  • Government paperwork. A Labour Market Opinion (LMO) is required for most employers who want to hire international skilled workers. If approved, an LMO will show that you have made a good-faith effort to recruit Canadian workers for your company’s open position(s) before deciding to hire foreign workers. We also help with exit papers, visas and work permits.
  • Live interviews and regular trips. This involves traveling to different countries to source high-quality workers. As an employer, you are welcome to travel with us to interview your potential employees, or you can complete your interviews online. Actyl never charges recruitment fees to the employee.
  • Liability insurance. Actyl provides comprehensive general liability insurance for employer and employee protection, as well as worldwide errors and omission insurance from Lloyd’s of London.
  • Progress reports. We provide regular reports on selected candidates so that you can track their progress and resolve any issues that arise.

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